Wednesday, November 6, 2013

20 Lessons I've Learned at 20: Conclusion

The Purpose Behind The Series

To think of what life has taught me in twenty years is like trying to win Monopoly or a dog chasing its tail. You can try to come to a concise conclusion. You'll go in circles for an hour without an end in sight.
But eventually you learn that you must enjoy the small victories. Because, you see, in life there isn't a way to artfully sum up what you have learned. You can take one lesson or one hundred lessons to explain what this life has taught you. Every pit and peak of our day, week, and year uncovers a lesson.
However, my twenty lessons don't attempt to put my life in a box. My intentions were not to create an end-all, be-all list of my personal victories after dark times.
My lessons are meant to scratch the surface of the meaning of my life. My hilariously awkward, quirky, sassy, loud, cozy crazy life. My goal was and is quite simple. I want you to know you aren't alone. That it is okay to be single. In fact, it should be celebrated. I want you to know it is okay to love and be loved. It is okay to miss home, move on, make your own rules, write your own story, laugh at yourself, sob like a baby and eat a double cheeseburger. You can even do all of those at the same person if you want. And it is okay.
This world is large but these lessons are small. Our hearts are in different places but our experiences are the same. We breathe the same air. We feel the same hurt. We feel the same love. Ask yourself why we shouldn't learn the same lessons. Because if we share what we know with the world, we may save someone from feeling that same pain it took to learn a hard lesson. Share your wisdom and in turn share your life.
it’s an outlet. it’s an inspiration. it’s a gift. it’s a purpose

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