Saturday, October 15, 2011

pride and opened eyes.

Sara A.

Pride is a complex thought. It can severely fog our minds with ignorance. But, pride can also fill our hearts up when it is given to us by a loved one. Sara never considered herself close with her grandfather, but always knew he was there for her. Her Grandfather became ill with cancer and she knew she needed to pay him a visit before it became too late. Her Grandfather couldn’t open his eyes much, for the weight of them posed too great a challenge. However, that day, Sara’s presence was the strength he needed to look at her one last time.
Funny how looks can be so powerful. How one glance can spark so much pride. How eyes have the ability to evoke strong emotions in us. For Sara, her grandfather’s eyes taught her the importance of missed opportunities. She learned to never let someone walk through your life without knowing what they can contribute to it. But most importantly, Sara learned the importance of one look, one person, and the ability of the two combined to teach a lesson some go their whole lives never learning.

it's an outlet. it's an inspiration. it's a gift. it's a purpose.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

welcome to an idea.

part one: I sat in sociology class as a freshman in college and listened to numerous students share their goals in life. Some replied simply, "become a mom." others replied, "international peace corresondant," and "a survivor of this economy."

The stories revealed identities no one would guess by looking at the appearance of these students. They were in college for a degree to maybe assist them in serving a purpose. Or perhaps their purpose was just to make their parents proud for the first time in their lives.

part two: I was given the gift of an angel on May twenty third, two thousand eleven. It came in the form of my cousin, and it was a gift that kept on giving. I was given his story (you can read about it at ) and I needed an outlet to share it.

part one plus part two: And then.. an idea.
It hit me like a train... and immediately lit a spark in my mind.
What if there was an outlet for people's stories. stories that revealed their quest for a purpose, the purpose of that month, or even the purpose they already served.

After a few phone calls with a scattered mind and enthusiasm only in children on christmas morning, this blog was born.
 it's an outlet. it's an inspiration. it's a gift. it's a purpose.