Thursday, November 10, 2011

brink of a purpose.

It’s inevitable that some have to carry out a purpose through generations. I find it fascinating that although we are among the revolution of technology, some life purposes will never change.
Many live their lives trying to achieve an unattainable purpose that is beyond humanly, or canine-ly, possible.
My mother has always felt the need to begin every dog’s name we have owned with a, “B.” Among the first was Benny. Benny was a cocker spaniel with ears so long we had to tie them up on top of his head with a hair band. Of course, I didn’t. I was a toddler myself who was probably just as messy as the dog. Benny was a kind, loving dog, as many others I’m sure can relate to.
When my parents fell in love with a little chocolate lab puppy, she created a new “B” name, and our family of 7 grew once more. (2 Adults+3 Kids+ 1 Cat+ 2 Dogs... it was an animal farm.)
Boomer earned the nickname “Best Dog in the Land” in a short amount of time. When Benny grew old and senile, Boomer was there to take care of him in his last few days, and carried out the role of protector of all evil, another nickname earned.
So the next chapter of the story leads to this big, hairy, handsome one above. Brinkley, I know this is getting to be too much to handle, was a bit of a hot mess at first. He teetered a bit toward Marley from “Marley & Me,” but eventually learned quickly from Boomer. Boomer taught him the ins and outs of why he was called the “Protector of all Evil,” and when Boomer grew weary, Brinkley took over.
It’s as if each dog has been a product of the wisdom from the dog preceding it. If it weren’t for Benny, Boomer wouldn’t have been the joy he was, and so on.
But isn’t that how it should be with history? Imagine if every person gained the wisdom from the person before them, bettering each as generations pass. Who knows what the world would be like, but I can imagine it would be free from the jealousy, hatred, and lack of understanding we suffer from daily.
Just some dog food for thought.
it's an outlet. it's an inspiration. it's a gift. it's a purpose.