Saturday, March 3, 2012

small heart, big purpose.

When two people decide to have a baby, they envision a purpose for their child- what they will accomplish, the person they will become, and what they will contribute to society. They also envision whose eyes they will have, what color their hair will be, and pray to God they will not have Aunt Gertrude’s wonky second toe.
We form this purpose in our heads for our unborn children, wondering what role in society they will fulfill. Or, maybe, what essential role they will create for themselves in this fast paced world. We wish for them a heart filled with happiness and love, a mind full of knowledge and curiosity. We wonder whether we will have the hands to give them the life they deserve and the love they yearn for. We also wonder what they see through their tiny eyes and what they feel with their tiny heart. Our minds ponder what babies dream about, or more importantly, what on God’s green earth they have experienced to have nightmares about.  
The beautiful baby above fulfills a heart for many people. She is the driving force behind her parents’ lives. She is the light in which her sister walks, and she is God’s gift to this world. She serves a purpose greater than what her tiny mind can fathom- while we all sit, ponder, and wait patiently to find out what purpose she is envisioning for herself.

it’s an outlet. it’s an inspiration. it’s a gift. it’s a purpose